Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya

Historical Institutions and Ensembles
Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya
  • Alternative names:
    Cançoner Popular de Catalunya

    Year of establishment: 1922
    Year of dissolution: 1936
    Created in 1922 by Francesc Pujol, this institution was promoted with the aim of promoting research into musical and literary expressions belonging to popular culture. Thanks to a donation from Concepción Rabell and the impetus of Rafael Patxot, until 1936 different missions were carried out that allowed the collection of different and abundant cultural materials. Names like those of Baltasar Samper, Francesc Pujol or Palmira Jaquetti are some of those involved in this ambitious company. In this work, apart from songs, we can find fables, phrases, dances and snacks. From the 1980s, the Abbey of Montserrat promoted a second edition.