Vicent Asencio Ruano
Valencia , 29 October 1908
Valencia , 4 April 1979



He began his musical education with his father. He was a student of Enric Morera and Frank Marshall in Barcelona. He later studied with Joaquín Turina and furthered his studies in Paris and Milan. He was strongly influenced by M. de Falla and his ballet Foc de Festa (1926) placed him as a leading Valencian composer. This new status led him to found the so-called Grup dels Jóvens in 1934, alongside Ricard Olmos and Ricard Garcés. He married the composer Matilde Salvador and contributed to the orchestration of some of her works. He left a remarkable music catalogue, which became part of the repertoire of renowned guitar soloists such as Narciso Yepes and Andrés Segovia.

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