Pere Alberch Vila
Pere Alberc Vila - Pere Albert Vila - Pere Alberc Ferrament
Vic , 1517
Barcelona , 1582
Composer, Performer and Instrument Maker


Composer, Organist and Organ Maker

Member of the Vila family of musicians, he studied at the cathedrals in Vic and Valencia (1534-1536) under his uncle Pere Vila. He met the most prominent musicians of the Duke of Calabria's court (Mateu Fletxa “the eldest”, Lluís Milà and Bartomeu Càrceres). In 1536 he became organist of Barcelona's Cathedral (after Joan Ferrer´s passing) and held that position for over 45 years until his death. He was teacher of many relevant organists of the period. His musical production has partly survived and includes sacred music, two ensaladas and two madrigal collections (in Romance language) with texts by Garcilaso de la Vega, Ausiàs Marc and Pere Serafí. As an organ maker, he contributed to the design and care of the organs of the territory. Particularly prominent is his organ restorations of the 1540s which included the organs of the Cathedrals in Barcelona and Vic, and that of Santa Maria del Pi (Barcelona).

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