Max Havart
Perpignan , 3 April 1924
Perpignan , 2 August 2006


Composer, instrumentalist and pedagogue

He was the tible and tenora performer of cobles of the Roussillon region Gozo-Lafon (1947-1949) and Combo Gili (1949-1962). From 1967, he was professor of Catalan instruments at the Perpignan Conservatory and in 1980 he created and conducted the cobla La Principal del Rosselló. His output is focused on music for cobla, including a hundred sardanes and ballables and arrangements of popular dances. He also wrote handbooks for the teaching of Catalan musical instruments and produced a CD with music for tenora and organ. He did some musicological research on sardana and was devoted to the dissemination of the genre in Northern Catalonia.

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