Manuel Oltra Ferrer
Valencia , 8 February 1922
Barcelona , 25 September 2015
Composer and Teacher


Born in Valencia, he soon moved to Barcelona with his family. He began his musical education with Josep Font i Sabaté. During his military service, he also taugth at the Spanish-Moroccan Conservatory of Tetouan. Between 1944 and 1947, he carried out different activities as a teacher at the Institut de Rítmica Joan Llongueres and musical director of the Esbart Montseny. Between 1957 and 1958 he validated his education at the Conservatori de Música de Barcelona with the help of Toldrà, Zamacois, Josep Ricart Matas and Joan Gibert. Between 1959 and 1987 he taught at this institution.

He composed in a wide variety of musical genres, but was renowned for his choir and cobla music. He won several awards, including the Premi Nacional de Música (1994).

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