Josep Picanyol
Barcelona , 1700
Madrid , 1771


Kapellmeister and composer 

Possibly pupil of Francesc Valls in the cathedral of Barcelona, he was appointed Kapellmeister of the same institution. After moving to Madrid, he became the Kapellmeister of the monastery of Las Descalzas Reales between 1736 and 1747. Scholars have pointed out his sacred music exemplifies the transition from the late Baroque period to the gallant style. He composed twenty oratorios, eight of which were the first performed in the Church of Sant Felip Neri. His output includes Traslación de la arca del Testamento (1729), El triunfo del pecado (1730) and El sacramento del amor. Some of his music was known in Mexico, where they are preserved in the archives of the cathedrals of Mexico City and Puebla.

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