Joaquim Homs Oller
Barcelona , 21 August 1906
Barcelona , 9 September 2003
Composer and Performer


Composer, industrial engineer and cellist

After studying violoncello, Homs started to study composition as well as engineering. During the 1920s, he attended Sessions Amicals de Música (1926-1936). Between 1931 and 1936, he became the only student of Gerhard and discovered Schöenberg's serialism. After the wars, he played an important role in dissemination of Catalan music, organizing concert cycles at the Jardins dels Tarongers (1948-1958). He was the first president of the Catalan Association of Composers (1974) and conducted musical activities in various spaces. From 1954 onwards, his composition followed serialism with regards to pitch, rhythm, timbre and structure. His compositions have been performed in several countries and are characterized by the of lean instrumental means focusing on solo and chamber ensembles.

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