Gabriel Argany
Lleida , 1717



Little historical evidence of his life has survived, and only two liturgical works and six vilancets in Spanish have been preserved. Despite the scarcity of sources, we know Argany was provisional choirmaster at Girona’s Cathedral (1688-1690) and at the Palau de la Comtessa (Barcelona) (together with Felip Olivelles) and choirmaster at the Seu d’Urgell Cathedral (1709-1712). He was also choirmaster in Lleida in three different periods: in 1690, from 1700 to 1707 –after which he was dismissed when the bourbonic forces took the city- and in 1715. In the context of the 1702 debate on the Missa Scala Aretina, he wrote an opuscule in favor of Francesc Valls.

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