Cristòfor Taltabull Balaguer
Barcelona , 28 July 1888
Barcelona , 1 May 1964
Composer and Teacher


He studied piano with Claudi Martínez and Josep Font, and received later Pedrell's advice. He studied in Munich in 1907 and 1908, where he received lessons from Max Reger. He settled in Paris, where he finished his studies. In 1940, he returned to Barcelona where he had to remain due to the beginning of World War II. Although the poor cultural life of Barcelona during the post-war period limited his career development, he devoted himself intensely to pedagogy and taught figures such as Xavier Benguerel, Joan Guinjoan, Josep Soler, Ireneu Segarra and Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny. He translated various treaties of music into Spanish. Among his output, choir music has become commonplace in Catalonia.

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