Acadèmia Granados-Marshall

Historical Institutions and Ensembles
Acadèmia Granados-Marshall
  • Alternative names:
    Acadèmia Granados
    Acadèmia Marshall

    Year of establishment: 1901
    Year of dissolution: Still active
    Academia Granados was a pedagogical institution promoted in 1901 by Enric Granados, with the help of Felip Pedrell. After Granados’ death in 1916 the then deputy director of the academy Frank Marshall continued the institution’s activity. In 1920, the academy changed its name to Acadèmia Marshall. In 1959, Alícia de Larrocha, one of the academy’s former student, succeeded Marshall in its direction. The academy became an international reference in the field of piano pedagogy, and its name was associated with prominent teachers such as Enric Morera, Domènec Mas or Baltasar Samper and students such as Conxita Badia, Robert Gerhard, Xavier Montsalvatge and Rosa Sabater. The Academy continues to be active and consolidated in its long history.