Antoni Teodor

Antoni Teodor Ortells
Valencia , 4 December 1706



Native of Aragon, he became a choirboy of the Reial Col·legi del Corpus Christi, also called Col·legi del Patriarca (Valencia), in 1657. There, he studied with M. Pérez and J. Hinojosa. Between 1669 and 1673, he was the Kapellmeister of the Cathedral of Albarracín, and between 1674 and 1677 he had the same post at Col·legi del Patriarca. In 1677, he became Kapellmeister of the cathedral of Valencia, a post that he kept until the end of his life. He composed in the polychoral style of Joan Baptista Comes. Among his output, his three oratorios (only El hombre moribundo, 1706, is preserved), were probably the first oratorios of the Iberian Peninsula.

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