Conservatori Isaac Albéniz de Girona

Historical Institutions and Ensembles
Conservatori Isaac Albéniz de Girona
  • Alternative names:
    Escola Municipal de Música de Girona

    Year of establishment: 1942
    Year of dissolution: Still active
    Pedagogical institution founded in 1942 by Francesc Civil with the help of other teachers. The institution initially took the name of Escuela Provincial de Música and was part of the governmental organization Obra de Educación y Descanso. In 1958 the institution was renamed as Isaac Albéniz Conservatory of Music and two years later In 1960, Josep Viader succeeded Civil in its direction. The creation in 1979 of the Patronat de Música Isaac Albéniz provided a major boost for the institution. In 1983, the conservatory was recognized as a centre offering a professional music degree. From 1999 to the present day the institution has been located in Casa de Cultura of Girona.
    Related names:
    Civil, Francesc