Associació Gregorianista de Barcelona

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Associació Gregorianista de Barcelona
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    Year of establishment: 1915
    Association founded in 1915 by Francesc de Paula Baldelló and Higini Anglès. It aimed to study the performance and dissemination of Gregorian chant after the momentum created by Prosper Guéranger’s project in France and the settlement of a Benedictine community from Solesmes in the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos). In Catalonia, the publication in 1905 in Montserrat of the Gregorian method by Gregori Suñol was fundamental to the dissemination of this chant. The association was linked to the parish of Sants Just i Pastor and its Kapellmeister Baldelló. The association was active for many years but eventually disappeared.