Antoni Lliteres Carrió
Antonio Literes - Antonio de Literes - Antoni Literes Carrión
Artà , 18 June 1673
Madrid , 18 January 1747



From 1686, he was a choirboy at the Real Colegio de Cantoricos of the Royal Chapel of Madrid, where he studied violin and violone and was appointed first violin in 1693. In addition to his duties to the chapel, from 1697 he began to conduct the orchestra of the royal theatre. His fame as a composer and performer led him to produce Acis y Galatea a zarzuela to commemorate the anniversary of the king (1708). In 1717 he was named first violin of the royal chapel. In 1734, after a fire at the Alcázar palace that destroyed the music archive of the royal chapel, he was in charge, together with José Nebra and José de Torres, to rebuild the collection and compose new music. He was renowned for his sacred and secular compositions, especially lyrical theatre. Some of his most successful compositions are Los elementos and Júpiter y Semele. Although he was in debt when he died, a Stradivarius violin is listed on his will.

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