Pere Pubill Calaf , Peret
Mataró , Barcelona , 27 August 2014
Composer and Performer


Singer, guitarist and composer 

One of the main initiators of the Catalan rumba. He learned to play guitar as a kid. With 12 years he and his cousin Pepita Becas formed the duo Hermanos Montenegro, with which they won an award at the Tívoli Theater. Nevertheless, his first album (recorded in 1957) went unnoticed. In the 1960s he worked at the tablao El Duende (Madrid), and developed his style with the influence of Elvis Presley as well as the rumba El Pescadilla or El Orejas. In the 1970s his songs "Una lágrima" and "Borriquito com tu" achieved an international dissemination. In 1974 he took part in the Eurovision festival. In the mid 1980s, he announced his retirement from the stage. However, in 1991 he recorded 'Caballo Blanco', as part of Chipén's first album, and in 1992 he participated in the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics. In addition to making 27 records, he was producer of his own record label through which he promoted Catalan rumba musicians.

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