Narcisa Freixas Cruells
Asicrán Saxierf
Sabadell , 13 December 1859
Barcelona , 20 December 1926
Composer and Teacher


Composer and Pedagogue

She was a student of Joan Pujol, Pedrell and Granados. She also studied painting and sculpture, and took part in collective exhibitions. Her musical output and career are linked to musical education. Her children's songs collections in Catalan won awards in Girona and Barcelona in 1905 and 1908. At this time, she founded institutions such as Popular Music Culture, devoted to early childhood education, a youth library and a female choir that performed for the community. Different educational centers adopted their pedagogical methods, and exported them to Madrid in 1917 at the request of the Ministerio de Instrucción Pública. She also created stage music for children and reformed music education. Although her songs are the ones that have become central in children's and choral repertoire, she also composed sardanes and small piano works. A complete edition of her work was published after her death.

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