Mateu Fletxa , "The Younger"
El jove
Prades , 1530
La Portella , 1604



Most probably, he studied with his uncle Mateu Fletxa "the elder", he was a member of the Royal Chapel of Castile in Arévalo. In 1552, he entered the Carmelite Order and abandoned the Court. In 1564 he was living in Italy and was priest of the empress Maria of Habsburg and singer of the imperial chapel. In 1579 Maximilian emperor named him abbot of Tihanny (Hungary). He traveled to the Iberian Peninsula several times looking for singers for the imperial chapel of Austria. In 1599, King Philip III of Castile appointed him abbot of the monastery of Sant Pere de la Portella, where he retired.

He published works in Venice and Prague, and mastered madrigals and ensaladas. He also composed religious music such as Harmonia a 5 instruments and a Miserere for 4 voices.

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