Josep Serrano Simeón
José Serrano Simeón
Sueca , 14 October 1873
Madrid , 8 March 1941
Composer, Performer and Musicologist


Pianist, musicologist and composer

He began his studies with his father, who arranged his piano compositions for band. His first attempts at composing musical theater were developed in his hometown. He moved to Valencia to study music, but pursuit his them in a rather informal way. In 1895, he studied at the Conservatory of Madrid. There, he pursued a career as a zarzuela composer. His output includes over 50 zarzuelas, such as Moros y cristianos (1905), La canción del olvido (1916) and La Dolorosa (1930). He also composed the opera La Venta de los Gatos. He also composed prominent works such as the Hymn of the Exposició Regional Valenciana, which was declared regional anthem in 1925, and is currently the official anthem of the Valencian Community.

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