Josep Melcior

Josep Melcior Gomis Colomer
Ontinyent , 1791
Paris , 1836



He studied with Josep Pons at the Cathedral of Valencia where he began to compose religious music. In 1818, he moved to Madrid and became Director of music of a military band. After leaving the military life, he taught singing. He sympathized with the liberal faction and composed songs for the cause, for example La marcha de los diputados and Himno de Riego. As musician of the National Militia, in 1823 he had to exile to Paris where he got in contact with exiled artists (Francisco Goya, Ferran Sor, Ramon Carnicer) and International figures such as H. Berlioz, G. Rossini and G . Meyerbeer, who appreciated his art. In 1833 he released Le Revenant at the Opéra Comique with an overwhelming success of critics. He wrote a renowned handbook that would be recommended by Rossini and used in Mexico and the United States: Méthode de solfège et de chant.

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