Catalunya Nova

Historical Institutions and Ensembles
Catalunya Nova
  • Year of establishment: 1895
    Year of dissolution: 1935
    Catalunya Nova was a male choir society founded by Enric Morera in 1895 that was active until 1935. The society aimed to recover the principles of Clavé's choirs that he thought had been lost, that is, the choirs’ social influence and musical ambition. The aims of the choir were stated in the presentation that took place in March 1896 at the Ateneu Barcelonès. The choir aimed to present a popular Catalanism rooted in the Catalan modernisme and close to left-wing republicanism. They were the first to popularize Els Segadors with the verses of Emili Guanyavents, which became the national anthem of Catalonia. In 1899, Morera founded the Federació de Cors Catalans, which disseminated many of his harmonized folksongs. Morera also promoted a publication with the name of the choir. From 1901 onwards, Catalunya Nova had conductors such as Joan Gay and Cassià Casademont. The choir premiered Morera's Requiem Mass ‘in memory of James I’. The painter Santiago Rusiñol portraited the choir in a notable painting.