Associació Música da Camera

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Associació Música da Camera
  • Alternative names:
    Associació de Música de Cambra de Barcelona

    Year of establishment: 1913
    Year of dissolution: 1936
    Musical association founded in 1913. After having organized about 347 concerts it stopped its activities in 1936 with the start of the war. The association was promoted by Josep Raventós and Marià Perelló, and had Enric Granados and Pau Casals as artistic directors and was especially oriented towards contemporary music. Thus, thanks to the association, important international figures such as Arnold Schoenberg, Maurice Ravel, Manuel de Falla, Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók and Sergei Prokofiev visited Barcelona. In 1929, it offered a monographic concert devoted to Robert Gerhard.