Agustí Altimira
Barcelona , 1805
Barcelona , 1882
Instrument Maker


Instrument maker.

Active in Barcelona between 1837 and 1880. He was based in Placeta de Sant Francesc until 1860, when he moved to 61 Escudellers Road. Due to his collaboration with Étienne Maire Bretón (active in Barcelona since 1850), he mainly made Frech style violins. In addition to violins, he also made flutes and guitars of excellent manufacture that specialists consider artworks due to being inlaid with ivory and tortoiseshell. In third Paris World’s Fair (1878), Altimira won a silver medal for his guitars. Upright pianos dated in the last years of his activity have also survived, bearing his workshop’s name. Barcelona's Museum of Music holds multiple instrument with Agustí Altimira’s name.

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